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Imagine this situation, you have already paid a membership to a streaming site, however you can't get access to certain content since it isn't accessible in your area. In this way, notwithstanding paying excessive expenses for the membership, you should likewise manage the way that you can't get to all that you need. Monvid has made a definitive video streaming site to tackle every one of these issues. Discover more information here below.

Monvid ICO – Unique Approach Video Streaming 
Monvid wants to utilize two unmistakable techniques for giving solid, boundless and unlimited video streaming, which are peer to peer sharing and proxy streaming. Its point is to sidestep all controls and limitations set on video content everywhere throughout the world. By outfitting the decentralized idea of blockchain innovation, Monvid will have the capacity to furnish utilizes with fundamentally preferable services over what is accessible available today.

P2P Video Sharing 
Under the P2P sharing platform, content creators will have a chance to effectively share their video to the community for free. Community members would then be able to compensate the creators with MVID tokens. Makers with high quality content will have the capacity to acquire more token rewards on the Monvid platform. The benefit of P2P platform is that it is adaptable and straightforward.

Proxy Streaming 
One critical wain in which internet access is confined over the world is through geo-blocking, whereby access is constrained to peoples inside a specific geographical area. Monvid empowers its clients to effortlessly bypass these geographical confinements without compromising on decreased web speed as is typically the situation when utilizing a VPN. Moreover, Monvid's platform is secure and quick, in this manner giving a more enjoyable viewing experiment experience.

What About The Competitors? 
Monvid is entering a market segment with many strong competitors, including Amazon Prime, Netflix and YouTube among others. By and by, the company still trusts that they have something extraordinary to offer and they respect the challenge of confronting these established competitors. The way that Monvid offers more opportunity and access without confinements is entirely useful as these are issues that different competitors experience difficulty giving their customers. In this way, people looking for assorted variety and access to a more extensive scope of content could wind up moving to Monvid.

What Are The Benefits of Using Monvid? 
Inexpensive  – Content creators will be paid on their output, thus eliminating the need for subscription cost.
Enhanced security – Monvid is built on the blockchain innovation which guarantees that each client's information is constantly protected and furthermore give scrambled information exchanges.
No advertisements – With Monvid you get the opportunity to appreciate a smooth, continuous watching video without any ads.

What Are The Challenges of Using Monvid? 
The Monvid platform will confront the test of selection in remote districts where internet access is generally slow. Besides, the platform does not have a mobile application that could enable clients to stay updated on new video from creators. However, since it is still in its underlying phases of advancement, these difficulties will probably be tended to in future cycles of the platform.

Monvid Final Thoughts
The application of blockchain in video streaming demonstrates a considerable measure of guarantee, particularly in regards to the conveyance of modest and unlimited content to clients. Monvid is a genuinely transformative project and it should enable peoples to get access to video streaming services from anyplace on the planet.

About Token
Token Name: MVID
Pre-sale is done and softcap is reached.
ICO Main-sale begins June 1, 2018,
ICO Main-sale expires August 31, 2018
ICO will be closed if the 22M token is sold out
Sales main is set from $ 0.05 to $ 0.10.
Softcap has already achieved $ 500,000 and Hardcap to be achieved $ 5,000,000 for the entire pre and main sales.
Bonus will vary starting with 30% on the first day of sale
70% of the 200M MVID token will be sold
Token will conform to ERC-20 standard




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