ELYSIAN (ELYCOIN): Decentralized Platform To Build E-Commerce Websites

Elysian is a new private occasion that is getting ready for dispatch. As of now there are several days or so left until the point when the new decentralized system centered around internet business begins to take off. The stage uses blockchain innovation, is ensured to run easily with uplifted security, yet is sufficiently simple to use for even the move fledgling clients. Any individual who specialized in Ecommerce, with blockchain innovation would be astute to manufacture ecom sites on the blockchain innovation. The reason is secure information storage is remarkable with regards to client experience, and to make trust between businesses and additionally customers.

What Is Elysian? 
Elysian is the place where internet business and cryptographic money meet up as one. Elysian comprises of a huge group of Ecommerce Specialists who are likewise cryptographic money specialists, prepared to make a ultra-fruitful, multi-million-dollar stage. Internet business will obviously be the principle focal point of the framework, with the tons of dollars produced by the business every year being utilized to help the budgetary upset.

The Team Behind Elysian 
The team behind the platform comprise of a group of highly trained cryptocurrency specialists, who are considered specialists with a dream of transforming Elysian into a worldwide commercial center and digital currency showcase that is viewed as the principle point of convergence of the whole online business industry. Fueled by the blockchain innovation, Elysian is the center piecce of an ecosytem community displayed for an economical and solid developing network, completely coordinated with different organizations in the online business segment. 

About Elysian ICO
The total hard cap is $19 million. Elysian is raising $1.6 million in a private event, $2.4 million in the PRE-TGE, and $15 million in the TGE. The PRE-TGE is priced at $.06 and the TGE starts at $.08 and goes up to $.12 per token. The PRE-TGE runs from May 21 to June 3 and the TGE runs from June 4 to June 24. For those that get in on the PRE-TGE, the price is exactly half of what token buyers will be paying on June 24th when the TGE is completed. We like this structure as it rewards those who get in early. As for the ICO, the tokens run on a private event, PRE-TGE and TGE already finished. The Hard Cap is reached. But, the public sales are still remains until 08 July, 2018. There are 149,689,805.2530 ELY Coin available. You can buy the remaining referral tokens by visiting elycoin.io

Elysian in Conclusion
The platform is greatly innovative and gone for definitely changing the universe of online business with the new blockchain innovation constructed business model. The various enhancements the organization is guaranteeing will happen on the stage is said to be sufficient proof to demonstrate financial specialists and buyers why a speedier rate of conveyance, blended with secure information stockpiling of clients is the best way to maintain a business of this nature, particularly when blended with blockchain innovation and can in the meantime give clients a limitless level of trust thought to be fundamental in the regular development of the online business industry. You can discover more about Elysian at elycoin.io.

ICO detail
Token: ELY
Platform: Ethereum
Date Pre-ICO: 16.04.2018 - 20.05.2018 Date of sale: 21.05.2018 - 03.06.2018 the Price of a token: token 0.1200000000 USD
Total: 1000000000 Available: 23%
Min. purpose of collection: 4 000 000 USD
Max. the purpose of the fee: 19 000 000 USD
Collected funds: 400 000 USD
Currency: ETH


2017 2nd Quarter - Elysian concept born
2017 3rd Quarter and 2018 1st Quarter - Concept development
2018 2nd Quarter - Elysian Special Event begins, followed by Elysian TGE start
2018 3rd Quarter- Team expansion - Launch of Official Desktop Wallet (Windows, Linux and Mac)
2018 4th Quarter- Launch of Official Mobile Wallet (iOS and Android)
2019 Quarantine - Custom blockchain implementation for data storage
2019 2nd Quarter - Launch of Official Elysian Merch Program
2019 3rd Quarter - Launch of Official Elysian Platform
2019 4th Quarter - Atomic exchange integration for Elysian e-commerce platform
2020 1st Quarter - Increasing the diversity of subcodes accepted on the Elysian platform
2020 2nd Quarter and 3rd Quarter - Opening Strategic Offices in Europe and Asia
2020 4th Quarter - Artificial Intelligence integration for Elysian E-commerce platform
2021 3rd Quarter - VR integration for Elysian e-commerce platform
2024 - 1% of global Ecommerce websites start using Elysian platform


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