Welt der Wunder MILC Project - The Unique Platform on Broadcasting Sector with Blockchain Technology

What is MILC??
The MILC token (MIcro Licensing Coin) is an utility token and the installment medium inside the stage. Since the cryptocurrency international has grown and change into recognized many people, many new techniques have emerged and use blockchain technology as their important system. Welt der Wunder TV is likewise organizing an ICO to assemble an absolutely new blockchain-regulated allow, trading what's more, bargains arrange for incredible video content, for the general telecom, VOD and online video appropriating sections. This stage is unique and can progress into a standard in the widespread allow trading fragment. Furthermore, it will offer each and every substance proprietor the chance to give their substance to an overall market and to urge access to purchasers, backers and customers. Customers will have the ability to cooperate particularly with the proprietor or the producer of the media content with motorized, trust free security of blockchain oversaw wise contracts. This discards a huge gathering of go betweens and inside and out abatements the cost. Producers, proprietors, and moreover unique stages that require content share in this model comparably.

Why MILC??
The MILC blockchain for content providers the substance gets an audit of the entire market of potential customers, comprehensive. This wipes out a business commission of 30% to 50%.For substance buyers, It is at present unreasonable for capable media stages to get an outline of the video media content market. The virtual business focus makes content noticeable. The MILC blockchain bargains arrange unites providers and purchasers and structures pertinent legitimately restricting correspondence. The mechanized idea of the stage empowers offers to be sorted by cost.The stage makes it possible to find available substance for the separately open spending plan. The two major parts in the distribution is the Video storing, as a cloud-based video database,and Licensing and invoicing as a wise contract blockchain. For video stockpiling and media resource administration, Weltder Wunder cooperates with the principle Swiss provider SWISS TXT. The business organize made in conjunction with Swiss TXT ensures the approptiation of substance to capable customers. The stage is accessible to all capable substance suppliers.

1. The Sales data of individual markets are best in class and clear giving evaluating introduction to producers.
2. The MILC blockchain gives the fundamental usage time spans as design benchmarks while leaving options open for individual arrangements.
3. The MILC blockchain gives straightforwardness of utilization composes sold those still accessible. 4. This extras time for purchasers while choosing the estimation of a permit.
5. The MILC blockchain gives straightforwardness of existing arrangements considering second or third evaluation cycle purchases as it were.

Token Name: MILC
Token symbol: MILC
ICO Price: $ 4.68 <-> € 4.00
Pre-sale: June
Start of public sale: July
End of public sale: August 
ICO will be closed if the 20,800,000 token is sold out



ICO information

2018 - Q1/Q2
Preparations Welt der
Wunder content for platform usage

2018 - Q1/Q2 FF
Development blockchain
system for sales

2018 - Q2 FF
Expansion of the blockchain
shop system for sales

2018 - Q1/Q2 FF
Development blockchain
system for sales

2018 - Q3/Q4 FF
Start of international
sales: Europe / inclusion of
additional content partners

2018 - Q4 FF
Start of international sales:
USA/Canada/inclusion of
additional content partners

2019 - Q1 FF
Start of international
sales: Asia / inclusive of
additional partners

2019 - Q2 FF
Start of international sales:
Reset of World / Inclusion of
additional content partners


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