MONVID - The New Streaming Platform with Blockchain Technology

While watching a video or streaming often appears sensor and content restriction. It is very disturbing and unpleasant. But do not worry about it. It's no longer a problem. Introducing the monvid platform. The new streaming platform that will overcome all of it.

What is Monvid?
The monvid platform is a decentralized community network that integrating blockchain technology for cut-pass, filter and sensor restrictions to provide streaming video streaming platforms that are easy to use and ad-free. Founders want to give people a favorite viewing experience without any restrictions. Their long term goal is to utilize blockchain technology. And their main objective is to launch this monvid Platform with decentralized and proxy video and TV streaming to bypass all restrictions and censorships globally.

The Monvid platform will be developed for two different functions:
• Peer-to-peer video sharing
This functionality will allow video owners and creators to share their videos for everyone to watch for free at no cost and this video can be appreciated by the community.

• Proxy video streaming
The Monvid Platform allows users to be able to bypass the restrictions that will inhibit from streaming video on a normal centered platform.

Due to its decentralized nature, users can make a connection between the platform and themselves by using their computer from any place and any time.

Why Monvid?
This project is the solution of what we need. Where numerous video streaming media or movies that require to pay membership expenses that obviously it is exceptionally troublesome viewers. This project gives content flexibility guaranteeing viewers enjoy content at no cost and extremely irritating ads.

Later on, this project will turn into pioneer in video and movie streaming business. With a mission to cut every one of the confinements and cencorships around the world. Most likely it will incredibly intrigue the viewers to use the Monvid platform.

The monvid team are incredible people and have a ton of involvement in this blockchain and business world. The monvid team will buckle down for the success of this project in the future.

Cryptocurrency in the streaming video market is a very interesting idea. The idea of using blockchain technology as a brilliant online streaming media platform is very different from its competitors. Monvid Video streaming platform with blockchain technology will be a big thing in the future.

The Benefit of Monvid?
o Privacy - with Monvid's blockchain technology guarantees that each content creator and client data is sheltered and secure.
o Cost efficiency - Monvid is not quite the same as competitors who require a charge to subscribe. Monvid is dispersed on decentralized networks enabling content creators to share their resources with members freely.
o No ads - Monvid plans to furnish client with the capacity to stream video without advertising it will be incridible fun.
o Content ownership by makers - on Monvid's platforms, content creators have a sole proprietorship on each content they create. They have the ability to control in their own specific manner.
o Exchange of encoded data - data transfer on the encrypted and untraceable Monvid platform provides extra security for each user and content owner.

About MONVID Token
Token Name: MVID
Pre-sale is done and softcap is reached.
ICO Main-sale begins June 1, 2018,
ICO Main-sale expires August 31, 2018
ICO will be closed if the 22M token is sold out
Sales main is set from $ 0.05 to $ 0.10.
Softcap has already achieved $ 500,000 and Hardcap to be achieved $ 5,000,000 for the entire pre and main sales.
Bonus will vary starting with 30% on the first day of sale
70% of the 200M MVID token will be sold

Token will conform to ERC-20 standard

Token Distribution



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