Elysian: Online Business Website Platform Using Blockchain

Today there are a numerous number of coins available, for example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and so on. Yet there are a large number that are going to take off. The previous are called cryptocurrencies and can be bought on numerous sites, for example, Coinbase, Localbitcoins, Kraken, and so on. The others are the alleged ICO's (Initial Coin Offering), which can be gotten with critical rebates and value goes through little contracts and exchanges through Ethereum. But, there exist others those that have recently been conceived, which are not even in the ICO stage, which dispatch battles to draw in the general population consideration, these are the Airdrops. With this, we can get a huge number of coins for nothing. It's an approach to win cryptocoins regardless of whether the market is as it seems to be. Through along these lines you never lose cash.

Nevertheless, not every one of them are justified, despite all the trouble. We need to peruse well what each venture is committed to, what is its whitepaper, its qualified counselors, and so forth. As we know, when blockchain technology came, so many things changed, for better, we say. So many businesses have improved, so many companies have started using cryptocurrencies in their work. Blockchain technology has picked up prevalence because of the buzz about cryptocurrencies. In response to this trend numerous new companies dispatch their own cryptocurrencies even without persuading essentials. This pattern has risen in light of the fact that new contestants have been more coordinated in embracing developing advances contrasted with incumbents who are hampered by legacy frameworks. Be that as it may, this intensity and this preferred standpoint delighted in by the new players might be brief, as no economies of scale are considered. As a result, let me introduce you with Elysian, a decentralized online business platform to make websites in the blockchain with enhanced security and a progressive client encounter.

Elysian is a decentralized online business platform to construct websites in the blockchain technology with enhanced security and progressive client encounter, where clients can effectively take part in the route of the platform or site through the execution of tasteful mechanical advances charming as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, and the capacity of client information turns out to be more secure. The platform intends to fill in as a bridge between the online business organizations, which construct their sites on our stage, and their statistic target audience of consumer.

The primary objective of Elysian group to make a platform to reform the whole internet business industry by enhancing security and making extraordinary and creative client experience to pull in clients. Elysian will be the first online business platform that will join two crucial aspects that are vital for the movement of the business: the first ones, the integration of blockchain technology to store all client information safely and, on the other, the utilization of mechanical advances, for example, AI and VR to help separate Elysian from the competition as far as client encounter.

Customers will utilize the Elysian platform for their own particular business through an abnormal state of cutting edge usefulness gave by the platform. For this situation, the platform will go about as an establishment for other future online business organizations in which space will become an integral factor. Essentially, it is expected to go about as a bridge between Elysian's own particular clients and its objective clients statistic. 
Elysian will likewise give third-party agencies the capacity to expand over the Elysian platform to have their present customers' platform on their platform. This will give quick access by clients to the bases of other online business based platform also, giving them a motivation to change the Elysian ecosystem.

Token: ELY
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

PreICO price: 1 ELY = 0.06 USD
Price in ICO: 1 ELY = 0.12 USD

BONUS: Private Event - 66.67% discount on ending ICO price. Pre-TGE - 50% discount on ending ICO price. TGE phase 1 - 33% discount on ending ICO price TGE phase 2 - 16.67% discount on ending ICO price TGE phase 3 - ending ICO price.
Tokens for sale: 230,000,000





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